Individualized Assisted Living Care Plans

We are a cutting edge assisted living and memory care home.  We offer specialized care and training for dementia residents and staff that includes individualized care. We offer individualized care in few new and innovative ways; one being the in-depth assessment we do that includes all residents preferences that are then included into their daily care, we offer individualized entertainment into each residents room, and we also offer the ability to customize a wake up call and bedtime routine. The individualized entertainment includes resident preference list of movies, t.v. shows and music. Our home focuses on activities as much as we focus on care. Our activities coordinators complete a full assessment on what the residents enjoy, what items they still have a desire to do and what is the one thing they wish they had done in their life. After we gather all information we then try to accommodate as many of their preferences as possible. Outside services such as animal therapy, ceramics, music and exercise classes run by a physical therapist done twice a week are a few examples of services we bring into the home. Getting the residents out and into the community is essential to still feel like they have a purpose and enjoy all the things wonderful Colorado has to offer. We enjoy trips to museums, parks, community functions, and shopping.