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Mission Statement

We build communities of love and support that foster community. Residents, their families, and employees all benefit from this love and support. Our goal is to provide the best possible care. We are dedicated to serving others. Gardens Care Assisted Living is a community that values each other and helps others with all of our hearts. We strive to raise the quality of residential assisted housing and make it the home families desire.

Types of senior living

It can be overwhelming to try and find the correct placement for your senior loved one. There are many factors and options to consider. It is important to research all possible options before making a decision. This article will provide information on the most popular choices for senior living.

In-home care may be a good option for some people who only require minimal assistance with daily living. It is natural to wish to take care of loved ones at home as long as you can. However, there comes the point when caregivers and senior citizens need to be aware of other options.

Seniors who can live independently and have the ability to access 24-hour emergency services are eligible for retirement communities. These communities offer a variety of social activities, as well as meal preparation and transportation. Many of these communities offer transitional care.

Assisted living is for seniors who can no longer live independently but are alert. These facilities often offer different Alzheimer’s care options. These facilities offer some assistance for seniors with their care. They also have medication monitoring and can participate in outings and activities.

Board and care homes provide higher-level care for seniors with limited mobility. These facilities often have separate programs for Alzheimer’s patients. A skilled nursing facility is a next option. Skilled nursing homes are the best option for seniors who need 24-hour professional nursing care, personal care services and are unable or unwilling to move in bed.

Consider the wishes and recommendations made by family members and physicians when choosing the best senior living option. Remember that care needs can change over time, so make sure you choose a facility that allows for an easy transition to higher-level care. Be sure to visit all facilities before you make a decision. Trust your instincts.

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