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Certified Assisted Living Staff

Gardens Care Senior Living is proud to have such a great staff. Our owner/administrator is a Teepa Snow trainer, and our staff is trained in the Teepa Snow method. This approach offers residents a positive, safe, and personalized approach to Dementia Care. The home has many safety features, including immediate notification if a resident gets out of bed, falls, tracking behaviors, wandering behavior, sound/light notifications for phone ringing, doorbells, and other timely notifications. The staff is offered health insurance that helps to improve their health and wellbeing, and stability.

Mission Statement

We create communities of love, support, and community. Residents, their families and employees all benefit from this love and support. Our mission is to provide the best care possible. We are committed to service. The Gardens Care Homes is a community that values one another and serves others with all our hearts. We aim to improve the standard of residential assisted housing and be the environment that families want.

Employee Education


Teepa Snow, an occupational therapist, has over forty years of clinical education experience. She currently holds clinical appointments at Duke University and University of North Carolina. Teepa has experience in many settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, retirement communities, nursing homes, and community care settings. Teepa has taught at colleges and universities from the associate level to the post-doctoral. Teepa worked closely with clinical researchers in the field of geriatrics throughout her professional career. She has extensive experience working in neurological care settings with patients who have suffered head injuries, strokes or other central nervous system problems. She was the educational director and lead trainer for the Alzheimer’s Association of Eastern North Carolina for many years. Teepa’s diverse career has given her a wealth of knowledge and skills.

Training at The Gardens Care Homes

All staff at Gardens Care Homes are being trained in the Teepa snow methods. These are the basic principles of training:

  • We care for dementia residents by focusing on what is at hand and letting go of what could have been, what should have been, or what the senior should do. As dementia progresses, we work with seniors to adapt and meet their cognitive and physical needs.
  • Our staff has learned to react to behavior, not react. As we gain more knowledge about Dementia, we will refine our skills.

Teepa Snow classifies dementia into gem stages. Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald, Amber, Ruby, Pearl. The Gardens staff will know the stages and help the senior with vision adjustments, language adjustments, touch (helping to dress and care), and motivate the senior to eat, shower, and comply with their basic needs.

Seniors with dementia should be able to “with” their seniors and not just “for” them. This means that seniors with dementia should be able to do as much as possible together. It will benefit them all and allow them to feel in control of their lives and bodies. To help our seniors, we will share what we hear, feel, see, and experience.

Gardens Care Homes is proud to offer quality senior care. Seniors are more likely to develop dementia than they realize. Staff must be thoughtful and responsive to provide the best care possible. The Gardens Care Homes management may also be available for educational materials. We are grateful that you have trusted us to care for your loved one.

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